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Urban Moto Imports

Uncompromised Motorcycle Individuality

Urban Moto Imports (UMI) is a dynamic and forward-thinking motorcycle and powersport vehicle importer and exclusive distributor, serving the markets of Australia and New Zealand. With a foundation dating back to 2011, UMI specialises in curating a diverse portfolio of brands, catering to the sports, adventure, classic, retro, moped, and cutting-edge electric technology segments across both on-road and off-road motorcycle and powersports sectors.

Unique Brands

UMI proudly presents a distinctive lineup of brands, including Royal Enfield, Segway Powersports, Benelli, Super SOCO, Peugeot Motocycles, Torrot, and Rieju Motorcycles. Each of these brands possesses a unifying quality, whether it’s their artisanal dedication to crafting exquisite motorcycles or their commitment to cutting-edge technology. With a focus on diversity, UMI has continually expanded its horizons, acquiring premium brands to deliver an exclusive portfolio tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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100+ Dealer Network

Operated by a dedicated and highly skilled team of motorcycle enthusiasts, UMI provides a tailored service that caters to every facet of motorcycle ownership, consistently surpassing clients’ expectations. Our purpose-built facilities and premium service offerings ensure an exceptional experience. UMI serves as the distributor for award-winning powersport vehicles and motorcycles, some of which boast an impressive up to 3-year unlimited kilometre warranty, in addition to providing access to our comprehensive roadside assistance and customer care program. With an extensive and continually expanding network of over 100 dealers and support partners spanning across Australia and New Zealand, we’ve implemented our proprietary B2B system, granting our dealer network unparalleled visibility and access to a range of significant offerings.

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We’re Pushing on

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully implemented a user-friendly and efficient online ordering system, along with multiple e-commerce websites that enable customers to conveniently book motorcycles, apparel, and accessories online. Our state-of-the-art headquarters, located in Melbourne’s North, is now open for business, providing us with expanded opportunities to enhance our warehouse, distribution, and support centres across Australia and New Zealand.

Uncompromised Motorcycle Individuality” is more than just a catchphrase; it encapsulates our vision for the brands we represent and our desire to share our profound passion for motorcycles

Community focused

UMI remains committed to its customer and community-centric approach by actively supporting multiple charitable initiatives. We also take pride in organising various events, such as demonstration events, adventure weekends, and group rides, to foster a sense of community and adventure among motorcycle enthusiasts. Our dedication to innovation leads us to explore cutting-edge technologies in emerging markets, enabling us to deliver the finest product selections to our valued customers.

Among our notable achievements, we’ve forged partnerships with European companies to introduce Australia’s very first electric road-registered rideshare scooter business, marking a significant milestone in our journey.