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The storied legacy of Benelli traces back to 1911, when a widowed mother, Theresa Benelli, and her six sons established a business in Pesaro, Italy, servicing guns, cars, and motorcycles. By 1919, they transitioned into motorcycle manufacturing, each son contributing to design, engineering, and racing. Racing was in the blood of Tonio, one of her sons, who drove the family to create more powerful race bikes, solidifying Benelli as a formidable Italian racing team by the late 1920s. Their innovative engine mounting and superior valve design set new industry standards, inspiring others in the field.

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After World War II, the Benelli family business rose from the ashes, led by the sons of the Benelli brothers, as they ventured into global markets. With a diverse range of two-stroke and four-stroke engines designed to cater to both touring and off-road riders, the company enjoyed considerable success, especially in the expansive US market. This newfound financial strength enabled them to return to racing and pursue their ambitions of clinching more Grand Prix victories. From their initial World Championships victory in 1950 to their second triumph in 1969, Benelli not only secured numerous GP wins but also captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying their status as one of Italy’s renowned motorcycle brands.

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Benelli Australia and New Zealand

Benelli Australia takes immense pride in introducing the complete Benelli experience to the shores of Australia and New Zealand. Offering a comprehensive range of motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, casual apparel, and rider apparel, we’re dedicated to delivering the very best of Benelli to our discerning customers.

Benelli’s unwavering commitment to crafting individually tailored, Italian-engineered, and designed motorcycles paves the way for a promising future for this cherished marque, which has been delighting two-wheeled enthusiasts for over a century. With a rich history and an unceasing passion for excellence, Benelli’s journey continues to captivate riders and inspire a bright future.

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Join the growing network of UMI dealers Australia wide. Gain access to UMI’s unique brands currently consist of Royal Enfield, Segway Powersports, Benelli, Super SOCO, Peugeot Motocycles, Torrot and Rieju Motorcycles. All of which share common traits, whether it be from an artisan approach to crafting beautiful motorcycles or vehicles with ahead-of-the-curve technology.

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