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The Benelli company’s ability to build unique Italian motorcycles for the road and track, has been revered in the world of motorcycle engineering for over 100 years. Since the beginning of the Industrial age, Benelli has progressively brought new designs and performance to their motorcycles to the enthralled public, and spawned a growing passion in those fortunate enough to own one.

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The origins of this outstanding company’s history are intrinsically tied to one family who built and operated out of Pesaro Italy from 1911. Widowed mother of six, Theresa Benelli invested in her sons futures by setting up a business to service guns, cars and motorcycles, and in 1919 established themselves as a motorcycle manufacturer. Each of the six concerned themselves with the business from engineering, designing and racing their special creations.

In the Blood

Racing was in the blood of one her sons Tonio, who forced the hand of his brothers to design more powerful bikes to race, so that by the late 1920s Benelli had become one of Italy’s formidable racing teams. Different engine mounting and better valve design saw an increase in reliability over the competition and was later by others. This wouldn’t be the last time competitors looked at Benelli for engineering inspiration as the 1930’s brought an enviable lineup of production motorcycles and entrants racing across Europe.

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Join the growing network of UMI dealers Australia wide. Gain access to UMI’s unique brands currently consist of Royal Enfield, Segway Powersports, Benelli, Super SOCO, Peugeot Motocycles, Torrot and Rieju Motorcycles. All of which share common traits, whether it be from an artisan approach to crafting beautiful motorcycles or vehicles with ahead-of-the-curve technology.

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