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Segway Powersports Announcement (ANZ)

Following the recent announcement of its all-new gasoline & hybrid SxS and ATV range, Segway Powersports has appointed Urban Moto Imports (UMI) as the official Australia and New Zealand distributor of Segway Powersports off-road vehicles.

UMI is an innovative and progressive company which has distributed a number of road and off-road motorcycle & scooter brands in the ANZ region for the past decade, using a proprietary B2B system matched with strong after-sales support and marketing strategies. UMI is set to significantly establish Segway Powersports products in the region by delivering a rewarding and exciting experience for recreational customers, those working on the land and the off-road market in general.

Founded in 1999 by Dean Kamen in USA, Segway is a brand held in high esteem in the technology space for its innovation, high build quality and testing methodology.

The new range is ultimately a brand new platform of gasoline & hybrid powered vehicles including All-terrain Vehicles, Utility Side by Side and Sports Side by Side models. However, the range is just the start of exciting things to come from Segway Powersports. The Segway Powersports range also features the very latest in technology and safety features, meeting and exceeding the current government standards for all-terrain vehicles.